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Coronavirus Notice

CharterCARE Health Partner has been carefully preparing for weeks to be ready to immediately address any potential spread of the coronavirus in our area. We have created a multidisciplinary task force that includes key physicians, specialists from infectious control, nursing leadership, emergency preparedness, employee and patient safety, and respiratory care. This group has been meeting regularly and is in constant contact with the Rhode Island Department of Health and the Hospital Association of Rhode Island’s Emergency Preparedness Unit. Our task force has also conducted a tabletop training exercise to further our readiness. All of our efforts are following  guidance and protocols issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to respond immediately to any suspected coronavirus incidents.

We are very confident that our preparation and current readiness will contribute to local statewide coronavirus mitigation should that become necessary. However, we need the help of the public as well. You are the first line of defense to protect Rhode Island from the Coronavirus. All members of the public are strongly encouraged to educate themselves now, not later, regarding recognition of coronavirus symptoms, avoidance of any contact with the virus and how to proceed. If you believe you or your loved ones may have been infected, please visit the CDC website to learn more.