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Corporate Care putting employee health first

An injury or illness can impact an employee’s ability to successfully function at work. For more than 15 years, the Corporate Care program at CharterCARE has been partnering with employers and employees to address occupational and environmental health concerns in the workplace. During that time, this program has been led by medical director Jay M. Burstein, M.D., M.P.H., who is board-certified and has been practicing occupational medicine for 25 years. He is part of a team that includes occupational and environmental specialists.

“We are here to practice exceptional medicine, which includes building a relationship with employees and employers,” said Dr. Burstein. “We become familiar with a patient’s work history and often visit job sites to have a better understanding of the job and its potential hazards. This helps us both with the patient’s diagnosis and our efforts to prevent future injuries in the workplace.”

The services offered at Corporate Care range from post-injury management and independent medical exams to post-offer physicals and drug and alcohol testing. The program’s location at Fatima Hospital gives patients easy access to follow-up services like rehabilitation therapy, diagnostic imaging, and laboratory testing.

For large and medium sized companies, Corporate Care can bolster the services provided by their own occupational health nurse or in-house medical professional. For Dr. Burstein and his team, this can mean anything from assisting with disability and return-to-work evaluations to helping companies monitor harm from asbestos at a work site.

A growing number of Rhode Island employers and workers are turning to the Corporate Care program, sometimes in a response to changing regulations. Since May 2014, new regulations from the National Transportation Safety Board have required that medical providers obtain special certification to perform the physical exams that truck and bus drivers need to remain licensed. Dr. Burstein has that special certification, which has made him a go-to provider for these “DOT physicals”.

The Corporate Care program has also seen growth as a provider of physicals to firefighters, with the North Providence Fire Department and the firefighting team from the Rhode Island Air National Guard as clients.

“Our affiliation with CharterCARE makes us one stop shopping,” said Dr. Burstein, who recently received a 10-year recertification in Occupational Medicine. “A patient could need a pulmonary function test, a referral to a specialist, a CT scan, or off-site physical therapy. We can quickly refer them to all those services and more.”

CharterCARE’s Corporate Care program is located at 200 High Service Avenue in North Providence. To learn more, call 456-3434.