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Johnston native credits SNERC with getting him back on his feet

Louis Greico is used to a fast-paced lifestyle. A typical day for Louis might include working on a video project during the day and then serving as the doorman at a local nightclub at night. In August 2017, he encountered an obstacle he never expected – a stroke that first hit while he was shopping at Walmart. “My leg started moving funny,” Louis recalls. “Then I drove to the gas station and my speech became a problem. I took an aspirin and the rescue took me to Fatima Hospital.”

His issues worsened as he suffered a second stroke that paralyzed the left side of his body. It was only a matter of days, however, before Louis went back to work – now as an inpatient at Southern New England Rehabilitation Center (SNERC) at Fatima. His full-time job for the next two months was to rehabilitate his body and mind from the effects of the stroke.

“These are the best therapists in the world,” he said. “They would never let me say the word ‘can’t’. They just wouldn’t allow it.”

In October, Louis continued his rehabilitation journey at SNERC’s outpatient facility on Mineral Spring Avenue in North Providence. He also received therapy and services from CharterCARE Home Health for eight weeks. He describes the home care he had as a “great experience.”

Louis said his mission since his stroke has been to “retrain my brain.” He can raise his left arm and is able to move his left leg as well. He is growing impatient with his left ankle, however, as it is not recovering as quickly as the rest of his leg. “When I get the use of my ankle back, I’m going to start doing jumping jacks,” he says.

He has nothing but glowing reviews for the team of therapists at SNERC. “The one that taught me how to dress, really taught me everything is Jennifer Cote (OTR/L),” said Louis. “It was impossible for me to get depressed during my recovery because she has such a positive attitude.”

Louis, who lives in Johnston, also singles out Darrick Tow, PTA, CSRS, who he says “taught him to walk again.” Louis now uses a cane for short distances with the occasional use of a walker or wheelchair for longer distances. At the annual holiday party that SNERC holds every December for members of its stroke support group, Louis made sure to get a photo with Jennifer and Darrick. (The three of them are pictured below.)

The outgoing, gregarious Louis closes the interview with a thank you to the speech therapists who worked with him. He estimates his speech is 80% of what it was pre-stroke. “I appreciate what they’ve done,” he said. “Anyone that knows me, knows I live to tell stories. I can do that again now.”