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May 1, 2013 — 39 CharterCARE-affiliated physicians named “Top Doctors”

(Providence, Rhode Island) -- Thirty nine physicians affiliated with CharterCARE Health Partners were recently recognized in Rhode Island Monthly as “Top Docs” as voted by their peers.

“A hospital is only as good as the physicians it attracts as partners in caring,” said Kenneth H. Belcher, president and CEO of CharterCARE Health Partners. “The impressive performance of our physicians in this latest “Top Docs” recognition reflects the exceptional experience and ability of our medical staff”.

The following are the CharterCARE-affiliated physicians who have been recognized as 2013 “Top Docs” in Rhode Island Monthly. (The initials after the physician’s name signifies the hospital at which they hold medical staff privileges: Roger Williams Medical Center, RW, and Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, OLF)

  • Anesthesiology: Dr. Timothy Connelly (RWMC)
  • Cardiology: Dr. Joseph Mazza (RWMC/FATIMA); Dr. William Levin (RWMC/FATIMA); Dr. Thomas Lanna (RWMC/FATIMA)
  • Critical Care: Dr. Joseph Meharg (RWMC)
  • Dermatology: Dr. Anita Pedvis-Leftick (RWMC)
  • Emergency Medicine: Dr. Michael Bonitati (RWMC)
  • Endocrinology: Dr. Joseph Tucci (RWMC); Dr. Valerie Thomas (FATIMA); Dr. Charles Kahn (FATIMA); Dr. Roberto Ortiz (FATIMA)
  • Gastroenterology: Dr. Nicholas Califano (RWMC); Dr. Edward Pensa (RWMC)
  • General/Family Practice: Dr. Gary King (FATIMA)
  • Geriatrics: Dr. John Stoukides (RWMC/FATIMA)
  • Hematology/Oncology: Dr. Sundaresan Sambandam (RWMC); Dr. Anthony Testa (RWMC/FATIMA)
  • Infectious Diseases: Dr. Glenn Fort (FATIMA)
  • Nephrology: Dr. Charles McCoy (RWMC/FATIMA); Dr. Richard Cottiero (RWMC/FATIMA)
  • Neurology: Dr. Elaine Jones (RWMC/FATIMA)
  • Ophthalmology: Dr. Francis Figueroa (RWMC/FATIMA)
  • Otolaryngology: Dr. John Tarro (RWMC/FATIMA)
  • Pulmonary Diseases: Dr. Walter Donat (RWMC); Dr. William Corrao (RWMC)
  • Radiation Oncology: Dr. Scott Triedman (FATIMA); Dr. Nicklas Oldenburg (FATIMA)
  • Rehabilitation/Physical Medicine: Dr. Jon Mukand (RWMC/FATIMA)
  • Rheumatology: Dr. Edward Lally (RWMC)
  • Cardiac/Thoracic Surgery: Dr. Laurie Reeder (RWMC)
  • Colon/Rectal Surgery: Dr. Steven Schechter (RWMC); Dr. Matthew Vrees (RWMC); Dr. Adam Klipfel (RWMC)
  • General Surgery: Dr. Dieter Pohl (RWMC/FATIMA); Dr. Stephen Migliori (RWMC/FATIMA)
  • Neurosurgery: Dr. Prakash Sampath (RWMC/FATIMA); Dr. Maria Guglielmo (RWMC/FATIMA); Dr. Stephen Saris (FATIMA)
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Dr. Louis Mariorenzi (RWMC/FATIMA)

  • CharterCARE Health Partners is the corporate parent of Roger Williams Medical Center and St. Joseph Health Services of Rhode Island. It operates a total of 579 licensed hospital beds, employs approximately 3,200 employees and has annual operating revenues of approximately $330 million.

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