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Advancing Your Nursing Career

Preceptor Program

The Prospect Medical Holdings Preceptor Development Program is committed to ensuring that all new nursing hires are provided with an excellent orientation program.

Effective and ongoing preceptor programs are the backbone to a strong onboarding and orientation experience. Our nurse preceptors are trained using an evidence-based curriculum and are afforded ongoing professional development opportunities which include providing constructive feedback, precepting across the generations, and using innovative strategies to build critical thinking in the new Registered Nurse.


Prospect Medical Holdings is committed to ensuring high quality education to staff at the point of service.

Healthstream is the learning management system of Prospect Medical Holdings. Healthstream is the leading provider of online learning opportunities designed specifically for healthcare. This platform allows for all nurses to complete mandatory learning and ongoing professional development at their own convenience.  Through the Healthstream Continuing Education (CE Center), RNs are afforded the opportunity to develop professionally and prepare for specialty certification exams.

Clinical Education Program

Prospect Medical Holdings is committed to providing clinical experiences for local schools and colleges of nursing and fostering an environment of learning for students.

Student nurses are welcomed on specialty and general medical/surgical floors to gain experience.

Nursing Leadership Development

The Prospect Medical Holdings Nurse Leader Academy is committed to developing Nurse Leaders at all levels of our organization.

Nurse Manager Leader Development

Nursing Managers and Directors have the opportunity to meet, collaborate with, and grow with other Nurse Managers and Nurse Directors from across ten hospitals in four states during our Two-Day Nurse Manager Leader Development (NMLD) forum.  The NMLD forum provides learning opportunities in quality, patient safety, organizational change, finance, employee engagement, patient experience, emotional intelligence and much more. In addition, Nurse Leaders participate in a panel discussion with healthcare executives from across multiple disciplines and from Prospect Medical Holdings’ Corporate office in order to learn and grow together.

Nurse Leader Development Series

The Nurse Leader Development Webinar series allows all Nurse Leaders to select the webinar day and time that best fits their schedule and from their computer learn about relevant issues facing Nurse Leaders today. One contact hour is provided for every webinar attended. Examples of webinar topics: Tackling Incivility, Nurse Well Being: The Ten Things Every Nurse Leader Should Know, Recruitment and Retention of the Millennial Generation.