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Hear From Our Nurses

Edean Villa, RN

As a cardiac EMT for seven years, Edean would frequently come through hospitals and see the variety of caring going on, and that’s why she got the urge to become a nurse. Twelve years later, all spent in the Emergency Department at Roger Williams Medical Center, she couldn’t be happier with her decision. “I love the unknown in terms of what is coming next, every day is different, along with the challenges. And it’s not about the money as nursing is not for everyone. You have to be that person who cares.” Edean added that great co-workers, a great manager along with camaraderie and teamwork make it extra special.

Chelsey Sarachick, RN

Chesley has been a nurse in the Fatima Hospital Emergency Department for two years and she still loves the fast-paced environment. “It’s all about teamwork here. Everyone supports each other, answers questions, and is willing to help and teach you. That was from the first day I got here, which is very important to new grads who might be a little hesitant to ask too many questions.” She chose a career in nursing after seeing her family members go in and out of hospitals and witnessing the warmth and care of the nurses. That sold her along with the fact that she liked the sciences. She also says that employees are happy here and like their jobs, and that’s contagious.

Rachel Kazarian, RN

A nurse on 3Pav, which is a 24-bed Telemetry unit at Fatima Hospital, Rachel loves her job and co-workers. “As a small community hospital, its just feels like more of a home and the people who work here feel like family. Even the per diem nurses love the people here!” When Rachel was younger her grandmother went through kidney cancer and the bedside nurses in the hospital were so nice and made such a difference, it really had an impact on her. She also appreciates the chance to learn and grow, you are encouraged to join a number of nursing committees and has even served as charge nurse. She’s even back in school to purse her Masters.

TJ Sarrizin, RN

For TJ, a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Fatima Hospital, a career in health care was a family calling. He has several relatives in the business so it just seemed like the thing to do, TJ quickly fell in love with bedside nursing, saying “You have to love or like what you do and in nursing, you get to see improvements in patients and help make their lives better and also their family’s lives.” Even after eight years as a nurse, TJ says he is fortunate to work with so many experienced nurses and still takes something new out of every day.

Linda Lees, RN

Sometimes a career in nursing just happens, like for Linda who works on East2, a medical/surgical unit at Roger Williams Medical Center. She simply had taken all the courses associated with nursing and when it was time to find a job, in 1984, that seemed to be the best pathway. So why not. And when a friend suggested RWMC, a smaller community hospital, why not too. “When it’s a small environment, you work with the same people and develop a special bond. And people stay here because you like them.” Linda will also tell you that nursing requires a tough mindset, its hands on, and never to ask an aide to do something that you wont do.

Cynthia Krapf-Whitman, RN

“This is home for me,” says Cynthia, a nurse on the geriatric psychiatry unit at Roger Williams. “It’s a demanding job and patient population but we have developed a sense of family, we count on each other, and that makes all the difference.” So much so that when she left for another job at an Assisted Living facility, in part to accommodate a reduced work schedule, she knew pretty quickly that she wanted to come back. And she did. Cynthia adds that nursing seemed so natural after being a caretaker for family members that she made it her second career following 18 years with an optician.

And what our patients are saying!

Nurses were amazing - very friendly staff.

The nurse who attended to me from beginning to end was Judy… she was attentive, caring, and very well informed about my situation.

Randy (RN) attentive and helpful in answering questions and making us feel comfortable with everything.

I am always treated well every time I am admitted in the hospital.  Very excellent, all the nurses, the doctors very nice when I push the button they are always there... Very good service there.

I had very good experience.  I had a nurse.  He was a male nurse.  His name was *Andrew, that's all I know and he was excellent.  Very, very good.  Everybody was good but he outshined everybody.  He was just so caring.   I just can't believe it.

I can't say enough, they asked me over and over how I was doing and helping me trying to get comfortable enough to take the test.

I was very happy with the nursing care and also the people that served the food they were wonderful. 

I think they did a very good job, and they took good care of me.  Like I said, I would recommend the hospital to anybody. 

Nursing staff was very attentive, considerate and kind.  

I had an overnight nurse, her name was Cecelia, and she was truly an angel. I was wincing in pain and she did everything she could to make me comfortable, make me aware of what i was taking before I took pills 'cause i was out of it. She was compassionate and she was just everything that a person would come to want from a nurse, you know, who they were unfortunatley in the hosptial for. 

I had an overnight nurse, her name was Ceceila, and she was truly an angel. I was wincing in pain and she did everything she could to make me comfortable, make me aware of what I was taking before I took pills,'cause I was out of it. She was compassionate and she was just everything that a person would come to want from a nurse, you know, who they were unfortunately in the hospital for.
I would like to mention Helena, on the 3rd floor, she's a nurse, and I believe she worked four days, 12 hour days, 'cause I had her in the evening. She was very, very good. I can't say enough good things about her. She was compassionate, professional, and any word you can look up that's a synonym for those words, she was, really she was an excellent caregiver. Thank you.

A CNA made every effort of kindness and compassion, she was awesome!

Yes I've been in a few different hospitals and my stay there was excellent. Everybody from housekeeping, to nursing, to executives, to doctors, everybody came in and said hi, and asked me how I was doing. Even sometimes it was just people walking by the door, felt very very comfortable there.