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Training the Doctors of Tomorrow…Today

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Roger Williams Medical Center

For more than 40 years, Roger Williams Medical Center has trained hundreds of newly graduated medical students, preparing them for careers in internal medicine and medical subspecialties.

A teaching affiliate of the Boston University School of Medicine, ours is a small residency program that allows a unique focus on the individual. Over three years, our residents are taught by experienced attending physicians with a mix of clinical skill development and classroom instruction.

Our program seeks residents who are ready and motivated to participate in a program that allows for independence and autonomy. They are responsible for developing and administering daily treatment plans for patients, which they then will discuss with one or more of our attending physician faculty. Our graduates cite this independence under seasoned guidance as a key to their success in developing solid clinical skills, communication and team work

Our program is also focused on preparing residents to pass the internal medicine board exam at the end of their third year. This includes specialized classroom instruction and free access to online examine preparation tools. For the past two years, our residents have achieved  a 100% pass rate on their board exams.

Our residents also enjoy becoming resident of Rhode Island. Providence is bustling with art, music and cultural venues, and is know for its nationally recognized Italian restaurants on Federal Hill. Around the state there are many ocean recreational opportunities, as well as hiking and visiting historic landmarks. Rents and cost of living as a whole is far below that of many metropolitan markets.