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Animal Care Facility

The Animal Care Facility (ACF) was renovated in 2008 and is located on the South campus, within the hospital complex and directly above many of our laboratories and other core facilities.

It is fully maintained and certified (Animal Welfare Assurance #A3175-01) and is supervised by a certified veterinarian, and an Office of Research Administration. The facility includes 8 animal housing rooms with climate control and centralized animal husbandry facility with disease surveillance, washing facilities, sterile storage and vendor monitoring. This includes centralized animal receiving area, quarantine, isolation, maintenance, breeding and surgical facilities.

Advanced surgical procedures are performed with state of the art anesthetic equipment and postoperative surveillance protocols. A bioluminescence imager, part of our Imaging Core Facility, is present within the ACF to allow for minimal transport and disturbance of the animals. A state of the art facility small animal irradiation facility is available as well.

Our ACF offers surgical procedures, irradiation, and imaging to outside clients.