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ALCHEMIST (A151216): Genetic Testing to Screen Patients With Stage IB-IIIA Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (That Has Been or Will Be Removed by Surgery) Tissue submission specifically for EGFR and ALK genotyping. (If positive you would be offered one of the trials that match your marker, see trials below)

List of Non small: Adenocarcinoma of the Lung; Bronchoalveolar Cell Lung Cancer;
Cell Lung Cancers: Large Cell Lung Cancer

A081105:  Previously enrolled on ALCHEMIST A151216 and positive EGFR.  Double-blind Erlotinib/Placebo for 2 years.

E4512:  Previously enrolled on ALCHEMIST A151216 and positive ALK.  Double-blind Crizotinib/Placebo for 2 years.

Contact Information

Frances D’Allesandro, C.C.R.P.
Protocol Office Manager, RWMC Protocol Office
Phone: 401-456-2698
Fax: 401-456-2658