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Commission of Cancer (CoC)

The Cancer Program at Roger Williams Medical Center has been accredited continually by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons since 1987. The hospital has been designated as an Academic Comprehensive Cancer Program since 2015, and prior to that was categorized as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program. Accreditation by this entity involves a rigorous set of standards to follow that encompasses the entire spectrum of the hospital’s Cancer Program. These standards include activities related to programs and services the hospital provides, physician services and clinical staffing, data collection and reporting, quality improvement and access to clinical trials, among others.

The Cancer Registry at Roger Williams Medical Center collects a standardized set of data items for every newly diagnosed cancer patient either diagnosed or treated at our hospital. This information is then entered into a database and cases are transmitted securely to the Rhode Island Cancer Registry and to the National Cancer Data Base. Data collected includes demographic data such as age, gender, and race, as well as diagnostic testing, primary site and tissue type, disease staging, treatment, and follow-up survival data. The data collected by the Cancer Registry is also available for queries by hospital physicians and staff to tabulate information for use in enhancing patient care.