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Research Projects

Value-Based Care

We evaluate the efficacy/efficiency of interventions on patient outcomes to reduce cost and improve quality. We conduct health service research on prospective alternative payment models.


Reducing ED Visits and Unplanned Admissions by Utilizing Standardized Triage Protocols for Active Chemotherapy Patient Population


Population Management/Navigation

Navigating and supporting oncology patients through every phase of treatment is a passion of our multi-disciplinary team. The first patient navigation program was established in 2012 at Roger Williams Cancer Center for the geriatric patient population. We investigate the impact of the navigation program on patient outcomes, development of innovative tools and new key performance indicators (KPIs) for population management.

  • Geriatric Patient Population Management by Utilizing Nurse Navigation
  • Population Management Tracking Tool for Navigation Programs
  • Productivity Measurement for Navigators



We focus on development of processes, tools, and systems to improve patient outcomes & risk stratification approaches during cancer from initial diagnosis to survivorship.

  • Forming Comprehensive Patient Outcomes Driven Geriatric Program
  • Impact of Enrolling BMT Patients into Geriatric Program to Improve Post Transplant Outcomes
  • Longitudinal Patient Outcomes for Geriatric Patients with GI Malignancies
  • Estimating 30-day Mortality after GI Surgical Interventions for Geriatric Patient Population
  • Relationship between Second Treatment Modality and Mortality for Geriatric Oncology Patients
  • Comparative Effectiveness Study to Identify Cost-Effective Tool for Diagnosing Sarcopenia



We focus on identifying disparities in care delivery for a diverse patient population and clinical conditions to develop innovative approaches to improve quality of care.


Addressing disparities in colorectal cancer screening for Hispanics/Latinos


Patient, Family Member, Community Engagement, Education, and Communication

We investigate the relationship among patient, family member, community engagement, education & communication with patient outcomes for various care interventions.

  • Effectiveness of Chemotherapy Teaching Visits: Preventing Unplanned Admissions & Emergency Room Visits
  • Impact of Pre-Chemotherapy Patient & Family Member Education for Advance Directives & Palliative Care on End of Life Outcomes
  • Communication Strategies for Elderly


Quality Improvement

We play a key role in quality improvement driven research topics to improve outcomes.

  • Standardized Follow up Checklist: Discharge, Treatment Initiation, and High-Risk Active Chemotherapy Patients
  • Quality of Life Results from the Prospective Geriatric Oncology Surgical Assessment and Functional Recovery after Surgery (GOSAFE) Study
  • Treatment Modality Selection for Surgical Oncology Patients