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Immunotherapy Adverse Events

Alliance a151804: (NCT# 04242095) This study is a collection of tissue samples and information on your side effects from immune-related Adverse Events. If you are receiving immunotherapy and develop one of the side effects, listed below, you may be eligible. Events include:

  1. Myocarditis
  2. Colitis
  3. Hepatitis
  4. Nephritis
  5. Myositis
  6. Pneumonitis
  7. Meningitis/Encephalitis
  8. Dermatitis
  9. Endocrinopathies
  10. Neuropathy
  11. Other rheumatological
  12. Hematologic cytopenia’s
  13. Rare infections
  14. Hyper-progression

Immunotherapy Lung Trials

ALCHEMIST A081801: (NCT# 04267848) If you test negative for ALK and EGFR and have not had any therapy, you may be eligible for this trial. The study is for chemotherapy: platinum doublet therapy (Your doctors’ choice) with or without immunotherapy Keytruda (Pembrolizumab).

ALCHEMIST E4512: (NCT# 02201992) If you are ALK positive and have not had therapy, you may be eligible for this trial. You would either receive immunotherapy of Crizotinib (Xalkori) or observation only. 

If you would like more details about each trial, you can find them on https://clinicaltrials.gov/ and use the NCT number supplied for each trial.


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