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Breast Care Center

Welcome to the Alice C. Viola Breast Care Center

Our mission at the Alice Viola Breast Center of Our Lady of Fatima Hospital is to provide you with the highest quality breast imaging services in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. All breast imaging is performed with state of the art equipment, and interpreted by experienced and dedicated board-certified radiologists, who have additional subspecialty training in breast imaging.

Our imaging services include:


Digital breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography)

* Screening mammography

* Diagnostic mammography

Breast ultrasound

* Screening

* Diagnostic

Interpretation of Breast MRI

Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy

Stereotactic (mammography guided) breast biopsy

Ultrasound guided needle aspiration of:

* Cyst(s)

* Abscess (infections)

* Lymph node sampling

Preoperative needle localization


Our team of providers

Our Radiologists: A Radiologist is the physician who interprets your images, makes recommendations, answers your questions, and performs your breast procedure, as needed. Click on the name of each Radiologist to learn more.

  • Linda Donegan, MD
  • Mary Hillstrom, MD
  • May Kassem, MD
  • Hanan Khalil, MD
  • Elizabeth Little, MD
  • Robert Ward, MD

Important information about mammography:


What are the current mammography screening guidelines?

Screening mammography is the only screening test proven to save lives by detecting breast cancer early. You may hear about different screening guidelines. The American College of Radiology (ACR) recommends an annual screening mammogram starting at the age of 40. The American Cancer Society (ACS) guidelines take into consideration a woman’s individual risk, and recommends yearly screening beginning at age 45. Women at a higher risk have the option of earlier screening beginning at age 40.


What is 3D mammography?

3D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, is the latest advancement in breast x-ray that acquires images of the breast at different angles, thereby creating a 3D mammogram. This has been shown to improve the detection of breast cancer, while decreasing the call back rate, when compared to conventional (2D) digital mammography. The radiation exposure is not any greater than traditional 2D mammography.


What is a breast ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a technique that uses sound waves (no x-rays or radiation) to create images of the breast, and is utilized for the evaluation of lumps, mammography findings, and also as an additional tool for screening. Ultrasound can determine if a lump is a cyst (fluid) or solid (tissue), and is also used to guide breast procedures.


Why do I get recalled from my screening mammogram?

To clarify a questionable finding. This may require additional mammographic views and/or an ultrasound examination


Why do I need a breast biopsy?

A finding is seen on your mammogram and/or breast ultrasound that requires tissue sampling to be further tested for a final diagnosis (answer).


What does breast density mean?

Density refers to the amount of tissue in your breast which may hide a breast cancer. The density varies among women. Women with dense breasts may be at an increased risk for breast cancer, and may benefit from additional screening tests such as breast ultrasound or breast MRI examination.


Why do I need six-month follow-up?

When a finding on your mammogram or breast ultrasound is felt to be probably benign (of low concern) and needs to be monitored for any possible change.


At the Alice Viola Breast Center, we offer 3D mammography and perform all of your examinations on state of the art equipment .


For an appointment, call the Alice Viola Breast Center at (401) 456-3507.


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